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Oscan team participated in the circle battle PK event

Oscan team participated in the circle battle PK event
May 28, 2024

Oscan teamOscan team


In the circle battle PK event held recently, Oscan team participated in fierce competition and showed excellent cooperation and innovation. The countless highlights and wonderful moments that emerged in the event made people feel the cohesion and strength of the team.


In the fierce competition of the game, the team of a company in our city showed excellent adaptability and decision-making ability. They can quickly analyze the situation, make wise decisions, and make adjustments quickly. The team members remained calm under pressure, supported and encouraged each other, and finally overcame the difficulties and won the circle battle PK.


This circle battle PK event not only exercised the teamwork and innovation ability of oscan team, but also strengthened the communication and trust between each other. Through joint efforts and challenges, the team members have obtained rare growth opportunities and established a good image for the company. Meanwhile,during the circle battle PK period, the Oscan team was highly consistent in promoting LCD monitor products, analyzing the industrial touch screen monitor market, and providing customers with very good monitor display solutions, which to a certain extent increased the sales of monitors in the past month and improved the company's overall performance.


The participation of Oscan team in the circle battle PK event in Longang district is undoubtedly an eye-catching performance. Their display of team spirit, innovation and cooperation conveyed positive energy and confidence to us. I hope that this event will inspire more teams to dare to challenge and pursue excellence, and create a more brilliant future with the power of teamwork!

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